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48hrs: Dubai

I thought long and hard to narrow down the activities for only 48 hours in Dubai and I have come to the conclusion: Downtown Dubai and the Marina beach area PLUS a last stop at the fabulous Burj Al Arab! Read on for all the details!


I am now on Youtube!

I am so excited to now be video blogging! I have to say it is a huge step for such a tech-adverse person like myself to figure out video editing and everything that goes along with putting a video together but I am up for the challenge!


Favourite Raptors Moments

I am a HUGE Raptors fan and quite honestly when this time of year rolls around I tend to feel like I have a second job watching basketball! So in honour of this years NBA playoffs I thought I would put together a little post on some memorable moments and players from the Raptors 21 year history! Enjoy!