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On Missing You

Disclaimer: I have someone in my life who I am very close with who reads everything I write and lets me know if I should publish it or not. When he read this post, he said in no uncertain terms, it was an unequivocal no, do not publish this. Well I am a stubborn mule

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My all time favourite Montréal neighbourhood! Why? A huge student population (due to the proximity of one of Montréal’s french speaking universities, L’Université de Montréal) a huge ethnic population (in fact Côte-des-Neiges is one of the most densely poplulated and ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in Canada!) And well, this: Literally a 5 minute walk from the north

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Montréal Botanical Garden

Mosaiculture Exhibition was on display in Montreal Botanical Garden in the summer of 2013 and to this day it remains one of my favourite exhibits ever visited in this great city. Enjoy some photos of the fabulous horticulture art that was on display during that exhibition!