2016 Top 10 Travel Experiences!


2016 has been crazy! Looking back on the year, trying to compile my top 10 travel moments has been really tough-and it makes me feel really damn grateful for all the amazing experiences that I have had-both solo and with Matteo.

To start, 2016 was the year I turned 30 and I just knew I wanted to leave my 20s behind with a bang- Dubai definitely delivered on that front. As far as this year goes, I think it can be best described as “Middle East Loving” (I was in Dubai 3 times over the year as well as Qatar and Egypt) as well asĀ “A Major Bucket List Moment Year”. Read on for my top 10 picks from all my travels this year!

Skydiving in Dubai


I was determined to conquer my fear of heights for my 30th birthday and jumping out of a plane over the beautiful coastline of Dubai seemed like the perfect spot to do it!

Visiting the Pyramids in Egypt

Like most people, I have been dreaming of seeing the pyramids since I was a young girl, and I have to say, it did not disappoint. In fact my whole trip to Cairo was definitely the highlight of my year. I just got back, but I will be letting you in on all the details very soon in another blog post, so stay tuned!


New York City with Doria

Part of my 30th birthday celebrations was going to New York City with one of my favourite people on the planet šŸ™‚ New York City is always a pleasure and being with Doria made it that much better- that is why it makes my list!


Doha, Qatar

I only got a little taste of this city, but it made me fall in love and convinced me to come back for more inĀ 2017. Souk Waqif was my favourite place in the city-it was absolutely stunning. It is a much more laid back place than the main souk in Cairo and it is a beautiful place to go in the evening to shop, eat, relax and people watch.

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5k with Matteo

Matteo did his first run this year! I am so incredibly proud of him and it was SO fun! I love how well he did and I love that he shares his love for running with me. Doing this with him was definitely a highlight of my year.


Family in Puerto Vallarta

This year was the first time for us traveling with my sister and her kids to Mexico, and Matteo had such a great time with his cousins. The city is beautiful and me and Matteo had some great moments exploring just the two of us as well.


Ice Skating in Toronto

If you know me, you will know that I have a great passion for Toronto. This year -like almost every year-we spent some time there, catching a Raptors game and skating at city hall. This was Matteos first year skating and we will definitely beĀ practising more in 2017!


Paris Shopping

This year I got to spend time in my favourite city, researching and blogging on one of my favourite subjects-shopping! September is one of the most beautiful times to visit Paris-just after the tourist rush of the summer and when the weather is just gorgeous.


Quebec City

This was another part of my 30th birthday celebrations (I never skimp on celebrating myself!) Quebec City with Matteo was lovely, beautiful and memorable-like always and it will stay on my yearly travel list as long as I am living in Montreal.


Taking Matteo back to Abu Dhabi

We first visited the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi when Matteo was 4 and it definitely left its impression on us.Ā It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture on the face of the planet and I could spend hours here. It was another memorable moment from a whole year full of beautiful travel memories.


Now that I have written about 2016 I feel incredibly grateful and inspired for the year to come. Next, I will be writing about my travel goals for 2017-so stay tuned!



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