48hrs: Dubai


I thought long and hard to narrow down the activities for only 48 hours in Dubai and I have come to the conclusion: Downtown Dubai and the Marina beach area PLUS a last stop at the fabulous Burj Al Arab! Read on for all the details!

Downtown Dubai


You absolutely need a full day to discover this area! Dubai is one of those great cities where everything important seems to be connected. Hop on the train and get off at the Burj Khalifa stop, from there you take the sky tunnel (air-conditioned thank you!) all the way to the Dubai Mall and that is where the fun begins!

The Dubai Mall


This place is INSANE for shopping, but it is so much more than that, it connects you to the best attractions that Downtown Dubai has to offer, such as…

At the Top | Burj Khalifa


This is a must do experience!!! Find the entrance on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall near the food court, you will go up the elevator and experience the insane views of all of Dubai. I loved this!!

Dubai Aquarium


Also right inside the Dubai Mall is the Dubai Aquarium, this place is a must do if you have kids, but my adult self loved it just fine!

The Dubai Fountains Show


Right outside of the Dubai Mall you will find the Dubai Fountains with spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa, check out the musical show and don’t forget to get some selfies with the Burj Khalifa (if you can fit the whole thing in your camera frame!)

Souk Al Bahar


After the show make your way over to the Souk AL Bahar, right beside the mall and Burj Khalifa. This place offers more traditional shops and it is definitely the place to pick up your Dubai souvenirs and gifts!

The Marina Beach

You absolutely need a beach day when in Dubai and the Marina beach is good for relaxing, people watching or trying some of the many water activities available.


After the beach, there is plenty of food and drink on The Walk to keep you satisfied and it is a great place to walk at night with families and enjoy dinner on a terrace over looking the water.

The Marina


The actual Marina where you can see the boats, take a ride, or enjoy a nice dinner over looking the views is a must see in Dubai. Also check out the Marina Mall, small for Dubai standards, but pretty damn big for the rest of us! Check it out for some shopping in the Marina area!

Burj Al Arab


If you aren’t totally exhausted, for your last night, you absolutely need to check out the Burj Al Arab, your last stop on a 48hr layover in Dubai!




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