7 Days of Pre-Travel Beauty Prep!

What is the best part of going on a trip? All of the pre-trip beauty prep of course! I am a girly-girl through and through and I love trying new products while getting myself trip ready. All it takes is a week! Check out my 7 days of beauty prep to get you fresh and beautiful for your flight ūüôā

DAY 1: Bronze Skin

I need a healthy glow before getting myself in any revealing summer clothes, but I need a little help in the winter as Montreal’s -10 temperatures got me really missing the sun! I like to go 3 times to a tanning bed to get me ready for any trip to a hot destination. If you prefer to skip the tanning bed, try L’Oreal Sublime Bronzer-a product I have always had great results with (minus the smell!)

DAY 2: Detox

Beauty is from the inside out, so taking care of your diet is just as important as what you are putting on your face. For my skin health I like to drink green smoothies every morning (hello spinach and kale!) as well as take Vitamin A and D supplements which help promote a youthful skin appearance.

DAY 3: Eyelash Extensions

There is nothing sexy about getting out of a pool with black mascara streaming down your face. Getting your eyelashes done before you go will leave you with flawless eyes your entire trip. Check out my full review on the eyelash extension process HERE!

DAY 4: ¬†Nails, Nails Nails…

Two words: Gel Manicure. There is nothing quite like NOT having to worry about your nails for your entire trip! I have had the best experiences with Queen Nails in Eaton Centre, Downtown Montreal-they always give me the best manicure that lasts 2-3 weeks!

DAY 5: Shaving Vs Waxing

Inevitably, everyone has a very strong opinion on this one! If you are going for a wax or doing it yourself, make sure to get it done a couple of days before your trip so any redness or irritation caused by the treatment has time to heal. I am all about shaving though-I just can’t deal with that in between period waiting for the hair to be long enough to wax again! So for me,¬†I am still a slave to the razor the whole trip!

DAY 6: Skin

I love to freshen up my face with a moisturizing clay beauty mask before my trip (this one is by Life Brand at Shoppers Drug Mart)

DAY 7: Hair Repair

I love doing a deep moisturizing hair mask before any trip to make sure my locks are lovely as can be! Try John Frieda Frizz Ease Intensive Replenishing Mask if you have extra dry hair like me-it will bring your hair back to life just in time for your departure!


Make sure you have all your favourite beauty products in travel size! It can save you A LOT of stress-especially if you are traveling to remote locations. Mini Hairspray, shampoo, conditioner and lotion are all easily available and buying them beforehand will insure you are using the brand you love best!

Thanks for reading, Love you all <3

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