Doha: A Brief Introduction

I questioned whether I would even write about Doha as I spent most of my 3 day layover there sleeping! Really, it was not my fault though! I had just come from Cairo where I had spent every waking moment (day and night) on the go AND I was sick with the flu. It seemed to me, like it was going to be more of a recovery stopover than anything else, but in the end I had an amazing time and I wanted to write a bit about the city and say a BIG thank you to my lovely friend Ayman who took so much time out of his busy life to take me around.

Doha is not the first place on the average traveler’s list when planning a trip to the Middle East, but I think it should definitely be on there. Doha has a completely different vibe to Dubai, that I probably should have expected.. but hey…big bright buildings, Middle East money-what could be different? In fact I found the whole feeling of the city to be much more laid back than Dubai-but in a very pleasant way. It was exactly the 3 days I needed to recoup from my flu and the hustle and bustle of my Cairo trip.

So here it is, an incredibly brief introduction to Doha-what I did and what I loved-expect a much more in depth post on this beautiful city when I am back in Qatar this year 🙂

Souk Waqif

Say Doha and anyone who is familiar with the city will automatically say, Souk Waqif. Completely different from the craziness that is Cairo, Souk Waqif is a modern souk built in a traditional style.

It is laid back, unique and an amazing place to spend an evening having a tea, eating or shopping. You can definitely find something unique from perfumes to spices to clothing and live animals-it is definitely an experience and should be the first place on your list when stopping in Doha.

The City Skyline

The lights and colors on all the buildings in Doha are unique to any other city I have been to. I loved the view from every angle and part of the city.

Soccer! (er.. ok Football)

Doha actually plays host to many international sport matches, like tennis and football, and it just so happened that while I was there FC Barcelona was playing a match. Despite the freezing weather, (note to Middle East travel virgins-if you come here in the winter- it actually gets really COLD) it was very cool to see my first real soccer ( match. Not as exciting as watching an NBA game of course-but not bad 😉

Thank you again to my friend for showing me around 🙂

More to come on this great city in February … 😉


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