Puerto Vallarta: La Ciudad Romántica


With colonial architecture and Spanish influenced neighbourhoods marked by courtyards, arches and domes, it is easy to see the romance in every corner of this port city. IMG_0529

Walking along the boardwalk where the cool ocean breeze meets the hot Mexican sun and strolling around the inner streets of la zona romántica, it is surprising how much culture this Mexican city really has.

Paris in Puerto Vallarta? Leave it to me to find it! The Paris Cafe is a small hole in the wall establishment in la zona romántica selling French pastries that rival the ones I love so much in Paris. Matteo and I left flakes of the most scrumptious pains au chocolat all the way down the street as we left.

pariscafeFeeling like asian? The boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta has it along with almost any type of cuisine you can imagine. But it is, of course, the fresh Mexican food that makes this city proud, with seafood, and authentic Mexican dishes AND of course loads of fresh beautiful guacamole.

Mexican food at its best!

Mexican food at its best!

For a little bit of culture make sure to wander into the Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe in the town centre just adjacent to la zona romántica.


Pretty architecture both inside and outside makes for a nice little stop along the Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk. Colourful flags hang over the streets in the courtyard outside and pretty colonial style white iron benches offer a nice resting spot.

Beautiful interior doorway of the church

Beautiful interior doorway of the church and the courtyard outside

Buildings all over the city show the colonial architectural style, but it is the colour all around the city that draws you in, coloured tiles sit on benches and city walls alike, just begging to be photographed!




The Boardwalk is the main gathering place in this beach city and from runners and dog walkers in the morning, to the party crowds and families taking a stroll in the evening, the beach boardwalk is Puerto Vallarta’s heart and soul.

Beginning of the Boardwalk

Beginning of the Boardwalk

Fun statues, and art installations line the boardwalk and make for fun photo opportunities.



Amazing sand art!

Amazing sand art!

The restaurants and shops that line the area range from the typical (McDonalds and Senor Frogs) to unique little Mexican grills and terraces with upbeat music pouring into the boardwalk in front of them.

Shopping areas with Mexican vendors as well as higher end shops can all be found off of the boardwalk



I love walking cities and Puerto Vallarta definitely does not disappoint in that regard! We got some great shots of the buildings, streets and boardwalk and oh that AMAZING beach!



love graffiti <3


Beautiful buildings like this make it a joy to walk through the streets of Puerto Vallarta!

Excursions from the City

Like anytime one travels, not everything can be planned and often there are a few snags along the way! Me and Matteo had a nasty taxi crash in Puerto Vallarta during our 3rd day there and it put a bit of a damper on the next few days as I had bad neck pain (thankfully everything is ok now!)

So although I was not able to do and see everything I wanted to in and around Puerto Vallarta, it is still a great place for excursions so I definitely didn’t want to write a post on the city without mentioning some of them!

Here is what the area has to offer if you want to get out and about:

-Excursion to Marietas Hidden Island:

This is one of the amazing things that the area is known for. My uncle and brother in law ended up going and said it was amazing but exhausting! If you are fit and love snorkeling then this would be an awesome excursion to try!

Photo Courtasy of www.vallarta-adventures.com

Photo Courtesy of www.vallarta-adventures.com

-Ecotours including Baby Sea Turtle Release:

This is one thing I really wanted to do! Unfortunately the tour was unavailable at the time we were there (The baby turtle release season is from July until December) This is a very unique activity to the Puerto Vallarta area, when the sea turtles come to shore to lay their eggs. Many baby turtles do not make the journey back to the sea once they are hatched and thats where YOU come in! A great activity for kids and adults alike. Click HERE for the link to all the information!


Amazing photos of the baby sea turtle release in Puerto Vallarta, courtesy of Monica Marin


This is a little beach/surf town 1 hour north of Puerto Vallarta that everyone was telling me to go see! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go, but I made a great stop at another place a bit closer, Bucerias, just 15 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta and it was definitely worth the drive!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing- like always Mexico was a pleasure! 




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