SkyDive Dubai: What to Know!


One of the top questions I get about Dubai is…Skydiving! It is definitely not a surprise…since I first saw the photos and videos over the Palm Jumeirah of other people taking the plunge, I knew this was the place I had to conquer my fear of heights and jump out of a plane! Here I will give you all the details on my experience at Skydive Dubai- the price, and tips for skydiving in Dubai!

The Basics:

Skydive Dubai is located in the Dubai Marina and can be easily reached by taxi or even walking from the Dubai Marina area.

Make sure to read through their site BEFORE reserving! You can check them out HERE! You can find all the pertinent information and don’t forget to follow their guidelines or you will end up dropping a deposit and not being able to jump if you don’t meet the requirements!

Know your BMI and don’t think you can cheat! They measure and weigh you at check in- you need to be within a certain BMI in order to jump. While I was waiting to check in for my jump, a guy in front of me was turned away (after he had already booked his jump online and left a deposit) because his BMI was too high. There are strict regulations on skydiving for YOUR safety, so make sure you don’t book a spot unless you meet the requirements outlined.

I also had the misfortune of seeing a guy walk in with a dislocated shoulder after his jump. Apparently he had had prior issues with his shoulder but never told the instructors. When they open the parachute the straps pull back quite sharply on your shoulders so make sure to let them know of any health issues you may have.

Price: 2000 AED which converts to around 700 CAD or 550 US dollars currently. It is a bit steep compared to other tandem skydiving places around the world, but the view is really incomparable!

What I Wish I Knew:

On any given day there are many people booked to skydive, so if it gets backed up a bit you might be made to wait a couple of hours. I had booked my jump for early afternoon and because of the extreme heat that day, my jump ended up being a couple of hours later. If you want to avoid the backup, book a time early in the day!

The Experience

I would rate this experience like nothing else! A complete 10/10 and completely worth the relatively high price.

It is scary, but at the same time the instructors make you feel very secure each step of the way-from suiting up, to getting on the plane and eventually making the jump!

Where else in the world can you get such amazing views of the ocean, palm and skyline of an amazing city? If you are thinking about skydiving, I would say definitely do it in Dubai!

 For any other questions you may have, feel free to contact me!

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