The Hotel of the Future: CitizenM Glasgow

Technology meets self service in this totally futuristic hotel concept. If you have not heard about it yet, let me introduce you to the hotel of the future: citizenM.

The Concept

CitizenM is a small boutique hotel chain located in various major cities across the world, including Glasgow, Scotland- where I am currently staying. Self service check in, iPad controlled room amenities,including room temperature controls, television and movie channel controls, blinds and mood lighting functions, can all be found at this tech driven hotel of the future.

The Room

The main focus of every compact room is the wall length window showcasing the beauty of Glasgow and the enormous and incredibly comfortable King size bed. The bathroom is a pod like capsule in the centre of the room offering a rainfall shower head and iPad controlled mood lighting. The room amenities centre around the iPad that controls the curtains, tv, lighting and temperature settings.

The Living Space

The hotel excels at its common spaces and focuses on comforts and amenities most appreciated by their millennial clientele. To make up for the lack of space in the hotel rooms, citizenM focuses on the communal living room like spaces and work stations where guests can mingle or work in a social environment. Top that off with a 24 hour cafe and you have a hotel geared towards the millennial and tech happy people of the world.

All in all I would have to say, staying at a citizenM hotel is a whole new hotel experience that you absolutely must try!


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