Visiting Dubai: FAQ

Here it is! I have put together some of my most frequently asked questions on visiting Dubai for the first time!

General Questions

Q. Must See?

A. For a first timer: the Burj Khalifa, drinks at the Sky Bar at the Burj Al Arab, a desert safari, the Dubai mall, the Dubai Aquarium, the Dubai Fountain show, The Dubai Marina and JBR walk, Madinat Jumeirah and without question a quick day trip to Abu Dhabi to see the Mosque (still one of my favourite places in the world)

Q. What area to stay in?

A. I love the Dubai Marina Area, JBR, Sheikh Zayed Road hotels as well as Downtown Dubai.

Q. Favourite Hotels?

A. Ocean View hotel JBR, Pullman Hotel JLT and the Shangri-La on Sheikh Zayed Rd.


Solo Female Traveler

Q. What should I wear as a woman?

A. Dubai and the UAE in general is among the most liberal of the Gulf Countries. I have seen woman covered in Abayas at the pool next to woman wearing barely there bikinis. At the beach anything goes, but be sure to be a bit more conservative when going to the mall and public places. I find the level of air conditioning always requires me to wear long loose pants or long dresses with a scarf or cover up around my shoulders anyways. It is very doubtful you will ever be approached for dressing too sexy, but you will feel most comfortable with more versatile attire to accommodate the changes in temperature from indoors and outside.

Q. Is it dangerous?

A. Because of UAE foreign policy there is little to no threat of terrorism here, and as far as walking down the street, I have never felt safer in any country than the UAE.

Q. Is there street harassment?

A. Unlike North Africa or perhaps other Arab countries, I have never encountered street harassment in Dubai.I find the locals as well as the foreign national residents all incredibly respectful.


Q. Getting Around?

A. I am a huge advocate for the Dubai metro and tram system- I even frequently take it from the airport to my hotel. It gets you to most major attractions, it is air conditioned, clean and has a separate area for woman if you so choose. Taxis are another cheap way to travel and they can be found almost anywhere in the city.

Q. Is it expensive?

A. I find pricing for most things in Dubai (hotel, eating out, etc.) pretty comparable to traveling in Western Europe or Canada with some big extravagant extras (like the 7 star hotels). Dubai is a place where you CAN spend all your money but it is just as easy not too! lol Taxis and a few other things are cheaper but mostly, if you live in a western country, you will find the prices pretty comparable.

Q. How do I skydive?

A. Check out my post on Skydive Dubai HERE for everything you need to know to skydive over beautiful Dubai!


Any other pressing questions you have? Let me know so I can include them! 🙂





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